Be Part of an Amazing Experience

Be Part of an Amazing Experience!

Wollongong Writers Festival has begun a small crowdfunding campaign specifically to fund a major event at the Festival


You have the opportunity to help bring to the mainstream the work of poets who live with mental illness and trauma.

The aim is to allow the poets to define themselves by their creativity rather than their mental illness, and explore their experience of illness and recovery through poetry. 




Wollongong Writers Festival has two massive events planned, embedded in the festival. In a workshop, Mad Poetry, planned for October 22nd, Tim Heffernan will provide a space for poets with mental illness and trauma issues to express how they see the world, where these poets can define themselves by their creativity, not their mental illness, and explore their experience of illness and recovery. The best of this work will be published online in Verity La, be read out at our festival event in November, Mad Poets Reading, plus be published in a booklet.

Also in November, we have an afternoon planned, The Maddest Tea Party, where a distinguished panel of poets – Robert Adamson, Phillip Hall, Michele Seminara, Robbie Coburn, Ariel Riveros Pavez and Alyse Blayney – will be brought together to read, discuss their own experiences and journeys, watch performances on film, celebrate the workshop writing in Verity La, party, and eventually put together their work in a booklet. It’s going to be over one fabulous afternoon of relaxation, poetry readings, pizza eating fun, and anyone can come along!

We have the willing participants, we have the venues, the times, we know what has to be done… and yet we still have to get the poets here, to Wollongong, to put a roof over their heads and make sure everyone is comfortable before we can even get our project underway.

Please join with us to raise the money to make this project happen. We need $3000 for airfares, accommodation, appearance fees for the poets, printing costs for the booklet, and a bit of money to feed and water our guests. Donations begin at a very reasonable $5. And we have rewards for you as well!


Check the crowdfunding page and help us reach our goal


Much love, WWF xx


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