Caitlin Maling


Caitlin Maling is a Western Australian poet. She has published two books through Fremantle Press, the most recent of which, Border Crossing (2017), deals with the 3.5 years she spent living in Texas. She now divides her time between Sydney, Perth, and Cervantes. She is the current holder of the Marten Bequest in Poetry.

She is an avid reader of poetry: “Currently I’m really inspired by all the fresh female voices coming out of Australia. Poets …(who) match their commitment to poetry with a commitment to activism which challenges the borders of what I have thought of as poetic ‘work’. I’m also interested in people whose poetics are radical, or radically different to my own. People … whose work fractures and deconstructs understanding of the world in different ways ”.




Event: Poetry event, Rocket Readings with South Coast Writers Centre, with featured poets Michelle Cahill, Lindsay Tuggle, and Caitlin Maling.

Date,TimeSunday 26th November 2017 at 12:15pm to 2:00pm

Venue: Wollongong Art Gallery (Dickson Gallery)

Cost: $10

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