Molly Lasker


Molly is a 21 year old English Literature student currently studying online at Charles Sturt University. Her keen interest in DIY literature and self-publishing inspired her to organise ‘Zine There, Done That’, a fringe event of this year’s Wollongong Writers Festival. Molly is in the process of writing two books; one, a memoir about life with anorexia, and the other, a surreal novella about a girl who talks to bunnies, but who knows when she’ll ever finish them.

Apart from this, she organises Haikus and Lows, a monthly spoken-word poetry event at Frank’s Wild Years in Thirroul. She won the South Coast Writer’s Centre’s International Women’s Day Poetry Award in 2017, too. She says: “I tend to find a lot of inspiration for my own writing from misheard snippets of conservations I’m not a part of; I’ve eavesdropped on some wonderful one-liners!”


Event: Zine Fair, Zine There, Done That

Date, Time: Saturday October 7th 10.00am – 3.00pm

Venue: Thirroul Railway Institute Hall

Cost: $2


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